Wednesday, August 15, 2007


One of the greatest joys of being a pastor is hearing first-hand how God is moving in the lives of the individuals and families in our church. During August I’m doing a special series entitled, “The Gosple According to GSPN.” (God’s Spiritual Playmaker Network). Last Sunday I spoke about fishing. Mandi gave me permission to share this delightful “fishing story” with you.

Dear Bro. David,
Sunday morning we brought our almost five year old son into to "big church" because my husband remembered the GSPN series you were doing. (We had just gotten back into town late Sat. from L.A., "lower Alabama...a.k.a Gulf Shores", after a week long family vacation). Trent loved the fishing theme, and really seemed to pay attention throughout the whole service - so much so that the lady sitting next to my husband stopped Trent and told him how proud she was of him for listening! Yesterday during lunch, Trent, his older brother and I were talking about the sermon and what we learned. I asked them if you were just talking about fishing for fish, and Trent said "no!" that you were also talking about "fishing for men." We then began to discuss why we should fish for men and how we all have a "sin problem" and that the only thing that can cure our problem is the blood of Jesus. Well that was that...or so I thought. Last night before bed, Trent came in and told me that he had just asked Jesus into his heart. I was shocked. I asked him what he prayed and he said that he told Jesus that he was sorry for acting ugly to Mommy (he had gotten into some trouble earlier) and that he had a sin problem and he wanted Him to come into his heart. I couldn't believe it. We went in and he told his daddy what he had just done, and the words that then followed floored me...he told his daddy that now when God looks at him, He only sees Jesus! Wow.
We wanted to share this story with you and let you know we are so grateful for your willingness to follow the Spirit's lead...being open to the Spirit's creativity. Because of your willingness, the Lord has one more fish in His net! We are so humbled and thrilled at His goodness and the simiplicity of it all! Thank you Jesus....Thank you Bro. David.
Mandi & Brian Adams

That’s just one of the reasons why serving as a pastor is a JOY!