Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MISMATCHED SHOES - God's perfect timing!

In March I brought a message at Green Acres from the passage in 2 Corinthians 6:14 that says, “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers.” Since not many of us live on farms anymore and don’t have a clue about what a “yoke” is, I chose to use an example of “mismatched” shoes to illustrate this truth. During that entire message, I wore a running shoe on one foot and a dress shoe on the other to express God's warning about staying out of mismatched relationships.

A few weeks ago, I received an interesting letter from Claudia Florian. When I read it, I laughed and could only shake my head at God’s timing and His sense of humor. ENJOY:

Pastor David,

I just had to relay to you what I call a "God Stop". It happened several weeks ago; but I am just now getting around to tell you about it.

A few Sunday's ago, my husband and I were getting ready to start to church. We come to the early service and drive from Rusk. As usual, I was running a little late. The week before had been quite unsettling as my husband, who has struggled with health problems all of his life (and never complains) had just been diagnosed with a melanoma on the bottom of his foot.

So this particular Sunday we especially needed lifting up from our Lord and brothers and sisters at GABC. So we made the trip and I dropped Sam off at the main entrance, as I always do (as he wears leg braces) and go park our vehicle.

I get out and start down to the church and look down and discover that I have on one black shoe and one brown shoe. Not even the same style (but similar). I was SO embarassed. What do I do? Sam is already in the sanctuary, so I have to go in. I hurredly made my way in, holding my umbrella in front of me trying to cover my fashion mistake.

Once in the sanctuary and revealing my snafu to my husband, we decided to go ahead and stay for the service and I would just kind of stay in my place and not "visit" too much and then just dash out to the car after the service. Well, we sang, we prayed and then you get up to speak and the first words out of your mouth were something like........"Do you notice anything strange about my appearance? I'm wearing two different kinds of shoes."

Well, you can image that we had to pick our mouths off the floor. After the service, I must say that I walked out proudly with my different shoes. If anyone noticed I'm sure they most have thought that I had some inside information on the sermon that day.

Well, Sam and I have talked about how God was definitely trying to tell us something from this. I have never gone out with two different shoes on in my life; and for me to do it on the very day that you spoke on this. WOW! I feel like one thing that He was trying to tell us was that He sees what's going on in our lives and He's always there. You have mentioned that in many sermons.

Maybe he was trying to tell us how much stronger we are being yoked together to fight this battle that we are facing with Sam's melanoma. But I do know that He definitely was sending us a message through one of my favorite messengers. I just wanted to pass this on and tell you that these past few week when we've been to one doctor after another and down to MD Anderson......I tell myself, "remember the shoes".

Thank you. It is an honor to have you for such a great teacher of the scriptures and a wonderful pastor. God is good.


Claudia Florian
GABC Member
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