Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Dale Pond and I have just completed a successful week in China where we led a conference for businessmen and women entitled, “How to have REAL Success” in a city in Southern China. This material has been developed by John Maxwell (who is a leadership expert and Christian) and is approved by the Chinese government. REAL Success is a business seminar that allows the facilitator to naturally and positively share the life-changing good news of Jesus. R.E.A.L. highlights four key elements in success: Relationships; Equipping; Attitude and Leadership.
As we taught this “business” seminar, I was amazed to see the level of interest and enthusiasm that the Chinese business people demonstrated. In America, we have so many “success seminars” that we yawn whenever we hear about another one. But this was a totally new concept for the Chinese and they lined up after each session to ask questions through our interpreter.
This is my tenth trip to China, and it is thrilling to see how God is moving here. Many of the people who attended our seminar are believers now because of our work in this particular city. There no longer seems to be INTEREST in Christian truth; I sensed for the first time that there was actual HUNGER for truth about Jesus. Every time we talked about how Jesus was the greatest leader of history, I could actually see the people smile and pay closer attention.
After the seminar, we returned to Beijing where I had the privilege of preaching at Beijing International Christian Fellowship. This is a large, thriving church for foreigners who live in Beijing – it was like heaven because believers from dozens of countries around the world made up the congregation. Each Sunday several thousand of these believers gather and joyfully lift up the name of Jesus.
It’s difficult to talk about numbers because so many Christians are still “unregistered” in China. But among the “registered” churches (meaning the government recognizes them), there are about 45 million Christians in China. A conservative estimate of “unregistered” Christians would easily be three times the number of registered Christians. So many leaders suggest that there are AT LEAST 175 Million Christians in China (population of 1.3 Billion).
That means that there are MORE Christians in China than in America! However, the Chinese Christians still believe that America is a Christian nation, but those of us who live here know otherwise.
When a person becomes a Christian in China, he or she runs the risk of losing future promotions in his or her business or organization. The Chinese Communist party consists of 75 Million people who provide governmental leadership at almost every level. The Communist Party is like the Democratic or Republican parties in America. The difference is that there is only ONE party. To be a member of the Chinese Communist Party, a person must pledge to be an atheist. Having said that, there are many Communist members who have come to faith in Christ – but their faith may prevent them from moving upward in their career track.
All I’m saying is that to become a Christian in China requires the person to count the cost and make the commitment. In America, our churches are filled with lukewarm Christians (the ultimate oxymoron) who consider their faith to be on the same level as their membership in AARP or Sam’s Club.
I predict that the time will come when there will be MORE missionaries from China coming to evangelize America than there are American missionaries sent to win the Chinese. Doesn’t our Father have a wonderful sense of humor?
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