Monday, February 4, 2008


WARNING: This blog is strong and politically incorrect.

As if we needed any more proof that radical Islam is morally bankrupt according to every standard of human decency – last week al-Qaida strapped explosives on two Iraqi women with Downs Syndrome and detonated the bombs in two different pet bazaars in Baghdad. Estimates are that 73 Iraqi citizens were killed in the explosions.

To use unwitting suicide bombers is an act so wicked that it boggles my mind. Some military experts surmise that this proves that al-Qaida is running out of able-bodied men and are becoming more and more desperate. To me, it just proves that the men behind this act deserve a fate worst than having explosives strapped to them and having someone else push the plunger. By their martyrdom, these extremists expect to enjoy paradise with 70 virgins – instead I believe they’ll find themselves dancing with demons.

Where is the outrage in Washington? The only quote I read related to this event was Condoleezza Rice saying, “the bombings prove al-Qaida is the most brutal and bankrupt of movements and will strengthen Iraqi resolve to reject terrorism.”

And still, there are some liberal Washington politicians who propose that we can simply go over and sit down with these lunatics over a cup of strong coffee and discuss an immediate withdrawal from their country.

To me, this is exactly the reason we’re fighting in Iraq. NOT for oil, NOT for revenge, but to prevent this kind of brutal behavior directed toward tens of thousands of innocent citizens living in the Middle East. And if we weren’t confronting them there, we would probably be confronting them in the streets of America.